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Laurie Plotsko

Program Director

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Lehighton, PA

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What sets us apart

BHA adheres to a code of ethics and student progress that is built from honesty, consistency, communication and experience. We provide educational expertise with individual attention to all of our student’s needs. Our goal is to provide a successful learning and working environment for children.

PRIDE is an acronym that focuses on 5 important components that is designed to help students to be able to achieve and master before exiting the program to conquer other upcoming challenges.  The five components are Preparation, Recovery, Interaction, Development, and Education.

Too often an individual’s needs, potential, and abilities go unrecognized due to lack of time for teachers in large classroom settings to recognize it.  Behavioral Health Associates has created a program that specializes in meeting the diverse needs of students and assists students in accomplishing goals and overcoming challenges that may appear insurmountable.  BHA has created a unique and dynamic program that is designed to encompass, but not limited to 5 areas of common difficulty for today’s student. The name of this program is called PRIDE.  

We have a small student to teacher ratio that allows a student to receive one on one instruction on a daily basis.  Our classroom allows students time to ask for assistance and encourages our students to explore topics in search for an in-depth understanding.  

Students in the PRIDE classroom are encouraged to ask questions, work together, and pursue personal and academic goals.  Most importantly, our staff is able to help students realize their potential.  Once a student realizes his or her potential, he or she takes ownership in setting goals and takes responsibility for academic successes and failures.

Students in the  PRIDE Program have daily access to individual or  group therapy.  Therapy is provided to help students deal with but not limited to: daily activities, life’s challenges, growing pains, confrontational situations, improving self-esteem, reaching IEP Goals, etc. 

Students who engage in the therapeutic component of the PRIDE Program are more successful in the classroom setting due to increased focusing ability and lower stress levels.