BHA Academy

Colleen Giglotti

School Administrator

Office: (610) 379-1266
Fax: (610) 379-1288

325 Alum Street
Lehighton, PA

BHA Academy is an approved private academic provider of Alternative Education. We accept students in our program that are classified as both General Education and Special Education in grades K-7 . Students are referred to us for many reasons through their home school and upon intake we develop an individualized learning plan as a guide for their return to their districts.

Our caring and well-trained staff provide an educational experience that includes all academic subjects along with some community experience. Group therapy is provided to all students for a forty-five minute session at three times per week provided by a Masters Level clinician. All students are afforded opportunities for individualized therapy sessions should that be requested. Special emphasis is placed on communication, coping skills, anger management, and building relationships through social skills empowering them with strategic interventions and skills to help them cope with real life situations.

Education is delivered in a small, structured, supportive environment with their goal always being to achieve the success that will help them return to their home school.

We are an affordable educational program for the districts that we serve. We are licensed by the state of Pennsylvania, as are our teachers and utilize curriculum aligned with state standards. We recognize that our students are our future and are one of this nation’s most precious commodities.

We help students heal. We are BHA Academy.