Behavioral Health Associates is a private academic school licensed through the Pennsylvania Department of education. We provide public school districts with an innovative alternative to after-school placements; district housed alternative education programs, and costly special education programs. We also relieve those districts of the supervision, regulatory enforcement, and most importantly financial and educational liabilities associated with alternative education placements including Act 48 providers.

We were initially formed to meet a growing demand of educational management needs of the five local school districts of Carbon County. Our continued success with children has allowed us to expand our services to 21 local school districts in six counties.

We strive to serve children academically and socially while providing the best educational setting that meets their individual needs. Non-traditional students need an opportunity to learn and grow in a safe, caring environment with trained professionals who have the children’s best interests at heart. Our staff offers opportunities for success that students may not have in their current placements.

We are educational professionals who care about our students and believe in the programs we offer. We are an affordable alternative education system for the districts we serve. We are licensed by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and utilize curriculum aligned with state standards.

We challenge those who say children are never going to be successful regardless of the educational placement and environment. Getting those students the help they need is our focus. Providing them the tools and the opportunity to recover from their academic deficits and reach their potential is our charge. Getting them back to their home schools is our priority.

We work diligently with children who have a prognosis for failure and show them how to succeed. Our broad array of services combines therapy, social skills development, consistent reinforcement, and certified instruction.